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Available languages

The mapping extensions

Like MediaWiki itself, the mapping extensions are supported for their localisation by the community. provides you with both a web interface for localisation as well as the possibility to export gettext (or .po files).

Every day, localisations are exported from to the Wikimedia Foundation's SVN repository. In this way the latest information is available for you for download.

The message values of SMW have been translated, fully or in part, into over 80 languages. You can review the current translations of Maps and Semantic Maps on-line.

If you would like to help translate the mapping extensions (and other MediaWiki code), there is a simple process for doing so: just register on, then make a request on this page.

The mapping documentation

The documentation on this wiki supports internationalization by using the
template. Translating any part of the documentation is done by opening the missing languages box (click 'show' on the right), going to the page for the language you want to add, and creating it. You should try to keep the page similar to the original one, esp including key templates such as the languages box, and things like manual navigation. An easy way of ensuring this is simply copying the wikitext of the English article, and replacing the English text.