Last modified on September 15, 2011, at 15:27

Maps and Semantic Maps 1.0.3 released

September 13, 2011

Maps 1.0.3 and Semantic Maps 1.0.3 are now available for download.

This is another minor update to the 1.0 release. This page lists the improvements made since version 1.0.

Changes in Maps 1.0.3 since 1.0

  • Added support for Google Earth in Google Maps v3.
  • Added tilt parameter for Google Earth in Google Maps v3.
  • Added kmlrezoom parameter for Google Maps v3 and general $egMapsRezoomForKML setting.
  • Added API module for geocoding.
  • Added 'geocoding' right.
  • Added language parameter to the mapsdoc hook.
  • Use of Validator 0.4.10s setMessage method instead of setDescription for better i18n.
  • Minor improvement to script loading.
  • Fixed Google Maps v3 JavaScript issue occurring on MediaWiki 1.17.
  • Fixed internationalization of distances (bug 30467).
  • Fixed zoom and types parameters for Google Maps v3.

Changes in Semantic Maps 1.0.3 since 1.0

  • Added geocodecontrol parameter for the form inputs.
  • Fixed handling of the semantic link caption in the geographical coordinate datavalue class.

What's next?

I have no specific plans for changes or addition to either of the mapping extensions, further then some minor script loading improvements, as I 'm working on several other projects. However it's likely that people will have suggestions for new features at SMWCon Fall 2011, which is next week.