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Locations by type

This map indicates locations of different types with different markers.

#compound_query: [[Category:Locations]]<q>[[Has location type::City]]OR[[Has location type::Local place]]</q>;?Has coordinates;?Located in
| [[Category:Locations]][[Has location type::Country]];?Has coordinates;?Located in;icon=Green marker.png
| [[Category:Locations]][[Has location type::Continent]];?Has coordinates;?Located in;icon=Blue marker.png
| format=map
| height=400
| types=normal,satellite,hybrid,physical,earth

Red markers pinpoint cities and local places.

Green marker.png indicate countries.

Blue marker.png represent continents.

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Cities and places by country

This map shows everything in Belgium (red), Germany (green) and The Netherlands (blue), and assigns different Markers based on country.

#compound_query: [[Category:Locations]]<q>[[Located in::Belgium]]OR[[Located in.Located in::Belgium]]</q>;?Has coordinates;?Located in
| [[Category:Locations]]<q>[[Located in::Germany]]OR[[Located in.Located in::Germany]]</q>;?Has coordinates;?Located in;icon=Green marker.png
| [[Category:Locations]]<q>[[Located in::The Netherlands]]OR[[Located in.Located in::The Netherlands]]</q>;?Has coordinates;?Located in;icon=Blue marker.png
| format=openlayers
| height=400
| layers=osm-mapnik
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