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Mapping on MediaWiki mainly consist out of embedding maps into pages, but also related topics such as working with coordinates and geocoding addresses. These maps can take many forms. They can be dynamic (JavaScript or Flash), or static (regular images). They can simply show you a region, but can also indicate things by using markers, pop-ups, lines and other constructs. The map tiles (which make up the actual map you'll see) can be pulled from multiple services such as Google Maps and OpenLayers.

The primary extension used for this is called Maps. Once installed, you'll have the mapping features you are most likely to need at your disposal. When using Semantic MediaWiki, and working with structured data, you undoubtedly should also install Semantic Maps, which adds support for mapping to SMW.

This documentation page applies to all (Semantic) Maps versions from 0.1 to the most current version.

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