Maps 0.7.3

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This page describes a release of Maps.

The latest Maps release is Maps 1.0.5.

Version 0.7.3 of Maps is the next minor release after Maps 0.7.2 that that focuses on bugfixes and internal improvements.

Upgrading existing installations

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Installations of Maps 0.7.x1 can be upgraded by just replacing the files. This release is backward compatible with 0.7, so all features working with 0.7 should also work fine with 0.7.3. If problems do occur, it is possible to go back to 0.7.x by simply using the old files.

For upgrading older versions, please see the installation instructions.


For a full list of changes, see the Maps changelog.

Extended translations

As usual, translations have been extended thanks to the project.


Maps 0.7.3 closes a number of bugs and minor issues that have been identified in earlier versions.