Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 rc 1

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May 5, 2010.

Semantic Maps 0.6 dependencies
Name Required Recommended Version Supported Versions
MediaWiki Yes 1.16 or above 1.15 or above, possibly older ones
Maps Yes 0.6 0.6
Validator Yes 0.3.4 0.3.4, 0.3.3, 0.3.2, 0.3.1, 0.3
Semantic MediaWiki Yes 1.5.1 or above 1.5.1 and above
Semantic Forms No 1.9 or above 1.9 or above, possibly older ones

Maps and Semantic Maps version 0.6 release candidate 1 is now available for download. This release candidate contains all new features and changes planned for 0.6, except the new implementation of the distance query, which still needs to be added. Although the mayor features should behave as expected, no extensive testing has been done, so you might run into bugs and broken features here and there. If you find any, just follow the regular bug submitting procedure.

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