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May 13, 2010.

Semantic Maps 0.6 dependencies
Name Required Recommended Version Supported Versions
MediaWiki Yes 1.16 or above 1.15 or above, possibly older ones
Maps Yes 0.6 0.6
Validator Yes 0.3.4 0.3.4, 0.3.3, 0.3.2, 0.3.1, 0.3
Semantic MediaWiki Yes 1.5.1 or above 1.5.1 and above
Semantic Forms No 1.9 or above 1.9 or above, possibly older ones

Maps and Semantic Maps version 0.6 release candidate 2 are now available for download. This release candidate contains all new features and changes planned for 0.6. The download also contains an alpha version of SMW that works with Semantic Maps 0.6, as this version of SM requires code added after the latest SMW release, and 1.5.1 has not yet been released. Although the mayor features should behave as expected, no extensive testing has been done, so you might run into bugs and broken features here and there. If you find any, just follow the regular bug submitting procedure.

Upgrading to 0.6

When upgrading to 0.6 from any previous version, you need to run the "database installation and upgrade" script in Special:SMWAdmin. Not doing this will result into fatal PHP errors. You will also need to run the "data repair and upgrade" script on the same page, which is required in order to store all coordinates so that Semantic Maps recognizes them. Not doing this will result into queries not returning any coordinates.

Also not that the dependencies for 0.6 are different then those for 0.5.x, most notably you need SMW 1.5.1, which is not released yet, but the trunk version should do just fine.