Maps and Semantic Maps 0.7.7 released

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June 15, 2011

Maps 0.7.7 and Semantic Maps 0.7.7 are now available for download.

This is a maintenance release addressing several issues in both extensions. These fixes have mainly been backported from the 1.0 branch, which will also see a release soon (ref) (after MediaWiki 1.17 and Semantic MediaWiki 1.6 have been released). This is a list of the changes in both extensions:

  • Fixed minor initialization issue with the OpenLayers code.
  • Fixed bug in OpenLayers layer dependency loading code.
  • Fixed DMS coordinate parsing issue (bug 29419).
  • Fixed handling of parameters in form inputs.
  • Fixed latitude/longitude mixup for the OpenLayers centre parameter in queries.
  • Removed dead code (initial code to support the RL, now used in SM 1.0 and later).
  • Use of Google Maps geocoding service v3 instead of v2.