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This page describes a release of Semantic Maps.

The latest Semantic Maps release is Semantic Maps 1.0.5.

Version 1.0 of Semantic Maps is the next major release after Semantic Maps 0.7 and the next release after Semantic Maps 0.7.7.

Upgrading existing installations

When upgrading from Semantic Maps 0.7.x or earlier, make sure you have the latest version of Semantic MediaWiki when installing Semantic Maps 1.0 or later. Semantic Maps 1.0 and above require Semantic MediaWiki 1.6 or later. Also make sure you have MediaWiki 1.17 or above. If you are stuck with MediaWiki 1.15.x or 1.16.x, stick with Semantic Maps 0.7.x until you can upgrade your MediaWiki. Note that version 0.7.x of Semantic Maps is not compatible with SMW 1.6 or later, so you'll need to stick with SMW 1.5.x in such a case.

When upgrading from any earlier version of Semantic Maps, you'll need to run the "database installation and upgrade" script in Special:SMWAdmin. Not doing this will result into fatal PHP errors. You will also need to run the "data repair and upgrade" script on the same page, which is required in order to store all coordinates so that Semantic Maps recognizes them. Not doing this will result into queries not returning any coordinates.

For more comprehensive instructions, please see the installation page.


Semantic Maps 1.0 dependencies
Name Required Recommended Version Supported Versions
MediaWiki Yes 1.18 or above 1.17 or above
Maps Yes 1.0 1.0
Validator Yes 0.4.8 0.4.8, 0.4.7
Semantic MediaWiki Yes 1.6 or above 1.6 or above
Semantic Forms No 2.2 or above 1.9 or above, possibly older ones

For a full list of changes, see the Semantic Maps changelog.

New features

  • Added geocoding capability to the OpenLayers form input when having a GeoNames API account.
  • Added 'update map' button to all form inputs.
  • Improved map query parameter support in the Special:Ask GUI

Internal improvements

  • Rewrote all the form inputs to jQuery plugins.
  • Rewrote the map printers to use the SMQueryHandler class.
  • Use of the DataItems introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.


Semantic Maps 1.0 closes a number of bugs and minor issues that have been identified in earlier versions.

  • Fixed PostGres support for distance queries.
  • Fixed fatal error occurring when running maintenance/refreshLinks.php.

Extended translations

As usual, translations have been extended thanks to the project.