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Semantic Maps

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| author = [[User:Jeroen_De_Dauw|Jeroen De Dauw]] and [ others]
| image = SemanticMaps.png
| version =| update = 20102011-1011-2030
| mediawiki = 1.15.* or greater
| license = GPLv3+
| download = [ Latest version]
| description = Allows users to edit and display semantic coordinate data using multiple mapping services.
'''Semantic Maps''' is an extension that adds semantic capabilities to the [[Maps]] extension. This includes the ability to add, edit, aggregate and visualize coordinate data stored through the [ Semantic MediaWiki] extension.
For usage, see [[Help:Semantic Maps]].
Since Semantic Maps uses the Maps API, you can use multiple mapping services. These include Google Maps (with Google Earth support), Yahoo! Maps, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap.
# [[Help:Queries|'''Aggregation of coordinates.''']] Each mapping service has it's own special output format, that can be used in Semantic MediaWiki queries, allowing a set of coordinate data stored on multiple pages to be displayed together on a single map.
# [[Help:Forms|'''Insertion of coordinates.''']] Semantic Maps provides custom [[Semantic Forms]] input types. These input types display a map with a geocoder in a form to make the insertion (and editing) of coordinates easy for users.
== Help ==
For usage, see [[Help:Semantic Maps]].
== Download ==
=== Roadmap ===
For a list of planned features and idea'sideas, see the [[roadmap]].
=== Version history ===
This list contains all releases of Maps. For a lift of the release notes, see the [ co release notes file on svn]. * '''[[Semantic Maps 1.0]]''' (2011-07-19)** '''[[Semantic Maps 1.0.1]]''' (2011-08-17)** '''[[Semantic Maps 1.0.2]]''' (2011-08-24)** '''[[Semantic Maps 1.0.3]]''' (2011-09-14)
* '''[[Semantic Maps 0.7]]''' (2010-10-15)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.1]] (2010-10-20)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.2]] (2010-10-28)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.3]] (2010-11-30)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.4]] (2011-01-20)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.5]] (2011-02-16)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.6]] (2011-03-21)
** [[Semantic Maps 0.7.7]] (2011-06-15)
* '''Semantic Maps 0.6''' (2010-05-31)
== Languages supported ==
Semantic Maps has support for over 55 languages, including English, Afrikaans, Gheg Albanian, Arabic, Egyptian Spoken Arabic, Belarusian, Breton, Bosnian, Catalan, German, Lower Sorbian, Greek, Esperanto, Spanish, Basque, Finnish, French, Franco-Provençal, Galician, Swiss German, Hebrew, Croatian, Upper Sorbian, Hungarian, Interlingua, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, RipoarischColognian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Piedmontese, Pashto, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Tarandíne, Russian, Slovak, Serbian Cyrillic ekavian, Serbian Latin ekavian, Swedish, Telugu, Tagalog, Turkish, Veps, Vietnamese, Volapük, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and others.
== Work for hire ==