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Maps and Semantic Maps 0.7.5 released

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== What's next? ==
=== KML support improvements ===
Benedikt Kämpgen made some improvements to the KML support in Maps, which still need to be merged in. These will be in the next release.
=== Maps 0.8 ===
Work on the next big version, 0.8, has started. The main focus of this version will be throwing out a lot of backwards compatibility code, which will enable taking full advantage of the new resource loader introduced in MediaWiki 1.17. This version of MW has not been released yet, but should be soon. Finishing the todo's for 0.8 will probably take a few weeks to a few months. If you are running MW 1.17 or above and are eager to mess around with the new version, you can get the code from it's SVN branch [ here] and [ here]. It's definitely not stable ATM, so be warned.