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{{navbar|Semantic Maps installation|mini=y}}
{{navbar|Semantic Maps installation|mini=y}}
Make sure you have [[Semantic MediaWiki|Semantic MediaWiki]], [[Maps|Maps]] and [ Validator] successfully installed before proceeding with the installation. Once you have downloaded the code, place the 'SemanticMaps' directory within your MediaWiki 'extensions' directory. Then add the following code to your [ LocalSettings.php] file after the lines that install Maps:
Once you have successfully installed Semantic Maps, please add your wiki to the [ sites that use Semantic Maps] section on
=== Upgrading to Installing 0.6 7.x ===
When upgrading This applies only to people installing version 0.7.x. It does not apply for those installing 1.0 or later. Once You installed Semantic Maps, go to [ Special:SMWAdmin] and run "database installation and upgrade". Skipping this step will result in database errors on pages with geographical coordinates and other functionality that interacts with the storage of geographical coordinates. === Upgrading from 0.5.x or older === Make sure you have the latest version of Semantic MediaWiki when installing Semantic Maps 1.0 or later. If you are installing Semantic Maps 0.7.x, get Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.6 . When upgrading from any previous versionof these versions, you need to run the "database installation and upgrade" script in [ Special:SMWAdmin]. Not doing this will result into fatal PHP errors. You will also need to run the "data repair and upgrade" script on the same page, which is required in order to store all coordinates so that Semantic Maps recognizes them. Not doing this will result into queries not returning any coordinates.
=== Upgrading from Semantic Google Maps ===