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Shapes in Google Maps223:12, May 14, 2012
Images as layers - custom coords313:21, September 25, 2011

Shapes in Google Maps

  • Enable support for polygons and lines in Google Maps
    • Also allow them to be semantically searchable, November 16, 2010

+1, that would be really sweet! :) Rotsee 08:40, March 10, 2012 (EST)

Rotsee13:40, March 10, 2012

Yeah, this has been on the roadmap for quite a while... Some awesome person is currently implementing support for these in Maps, so that only leaves the semantic storage and query part to be done :)

Jeroen De Dauw23:12, May 14, 2012

Images as layers - custom coords

The idea is simple. If you have an image as a layer you surely wants to set custom coords and not use those which apply for planet earth.

There's a multitude of use-cases like:

  • when illustrating situations in a football match with the football ground as a layer one would want to apply coords matching the dimensions of the football ground and not the dimensions of planet earth
  • when displaying entities in a computer game with the game map as a layer one would want to apply coords matching the coords defining locations in game, this actually applies to any map of fantatic realms such middle earth or star systems of science fiction worlds
  • when illustrating the interior of buildings, ships, etc. with drawings/maps in cross-sectional plane one would want to apply coords in relation to the true dimension of the building, ship, etc.
  • think of more

So... additional properties to be defined in Layer:SomeLayer would be cool:

  • dimension long to define the dimension represented by the width of the image, fx a value of 1000 would mean the width of the image represent 1000 $egMapsDistanceUnit
  • dimension lat to define the dimension represented by the height of the image
  • offset leftbound to define the longitudinal offset, fx a value of 50 would assign this value to the left edge of the image
  • offset lowerbound to define the latitudinal offset

I'm convinced these options are what the 'images as layers' feature needs to make its breakthrough., August 22, 2011

I fully agree. This might already be possible, but I'd have to take a look at the code myself. This feature needs some more polish and documentation before it's generally usable. And testing... I'm not even sure it still works with the current version of Maps :)

Jeroen De Dauw05:39, August 24, 2011

Well, who shall know whether it still works if not you ;)

I would say it works partially. But then I don't know how it is supposed to work exactly. Wiki markup is the most complex language I understand, if I see code I turn blind and to stone.

I didn't manage to find out how the values for the bounds in the layers relate to the coords on the map. I don't even know if there is some dependency at all. Which reduces this feature to merely display and image as a layer which can be zoomed and dragged around.

However, if you can give me a glimpse of how this should work I can try to add some more (and maybe even working) examples.

Eric17:41, August 27, 2011

I indeed should put more time into documenting this and fixing whatever issue there currently are. Sadly enough I won't have time to do this any time soon - but it's definitely on the todo list for this extension :)

Jeroen De Dauw13:21, September 25, 2011