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{{#finddestination:{starting point}|{initial bearing}|{distance}}}


This parser function supports use of so called 'default parameters'. This allows you to simply pass along values, without writing the parameter name= part. You can mix this notation together with using named parameters, but must at all times keep the default ones in the correct order.

Parameter Aliases Default Usage
location - required The initial location.
bearing - required The initial bearing.
distance - required The distance to travel
format notation configurable The format in which to output the destination.
directional - configurable Indicates if the format of the destination should be directional or not. Either yes or no.
allowcoordinates - configurable Indicates if coordinates should be allowed. If set to no, only addresses will be accepted.
service - configurable The geocoding service to use to geocode the value in case it's an address.
mappingservice - none Parameter you can use to indicate the mapping service you are using this function with. This will maps allow to override the default value of the service parameter by the one that's optimal for the mapping service. (Example: In case of Google Maps, the Google geocoder will be used.)


Calculating the distance between two points

{{#finddestination:55.7557860° N, 37.6176330° W|90|500}}

Results into: 55° 45' 21" N, 37° 36' 35" W

{{#finddestination:New York|bearing=90|distance=500|format=float}}
Results into:
Fatal error: Parameter location must be a valid location.